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Environmentally friendly transport

Transport over water, the right way! This is the promotional slogan of “Bureau Voorlichting Binnenvaart”. Ships are are by far the cleanest way to transport goods from A to B. This is mainly caused by the low fuel consumption. Ships can carry a load of 1.200.000 kilos from Rotterdam to Hannover with only 2.500L diesel, while a truck needs about 5.750L Diesel for the same route. Trucks also cause extra traffic jams. But good is never good enough for the inland waterway transport, and in order to keep our advantage we are always looking for ways to make our transport even cleaner.

VOF Devanci, Devanto B.V. and Andesto B.V. work with strict requirements when it comes to emission reduction. We are working for years to make our company “greener” and we will continue this trend! Since 2017 all our ships are sailing with the so-called long-life-addition in the fuel. This provides a fuel reduction from 1 percent, but more importantly, it also causes a longer engine life caused by cleaner combustion. We were able to reduce emissions of our engines by 40 percent. The second measure we have taken is investing in electricity on all our ships. Every ship has a “multi-transformer” and we have placed batteries with big storage capacity. Because of this, it is possible to minimize the use of the generator. It is possible to save up to 10.000L fuel per year, per ship. That’s about 10 percent of the total consumption.

Our company has recently invested in installing solar panels. By extracting energy from the sun, which we can store in a battery pack, the use of the generator is reduced even further. We also have a jet pipe on four out of five ships, which saves 20 percent of fuel. A jet pipe is a construction around the propeller of the ship, which ensures that the propeller wash moves ideally. Furthermore, we want to spare the environment even more by placing engines that meet the latest emission requirements. We have equipped four out of five ships with a ccr 2 approved bow thruster engine and one ccr1 approved main engine. With the purchase of the fourth ship, we could add another main engine with a ccr2 approval to our company.

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